Sunday, September 24, 2006

.Google convicted in case brought by Belgian press (Wiki)

“Earlier this week a Belgian court ruled that Google News could not use material from "Belgian publishers of the French- and German-speaking daily press" without paying a copyright fee.

The ruling followed a case brought by Copiepresse, an association of French- and German-language newspaper editors in Belgium, challenging the right of Google to run their news aggregator under the current copyright laws.

Google removed the newspapers Le Soir, La Libre Belgique and Dernière Heure from its indexes immediately, causing them to disappear from as well. However, Google Inc. faced daily fines of €500,000 (USD$640,000) for not posting the 2315 word court ruling on its and pages. Google appealed that part of the verdict, but the judge now confirms it, and both sites now display the court's ruling.

During the trial, internet adviser Luc Golvers argued that Google News is not a search engine, but a news portal.”