Tuesday, September 05, 2006

What Is Black Hat Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? (Dev Mechanic)

“Seo has been very useful and famous in internet marketing. There are many techniques that make boosting your site a success through different seo strategies.

But despite the success of seo, there are some black practitioners who tend to see the field of search engine optimization as war, and the search engines are doing anything to beat the competition whether it is fair or foul.

Those white hatters market with the other search engines as associates or partners who can help them drive links and business to their client’s sites.”

Black Hat SEO - What You Should Know (Dev Mechanic)

“Like it or not, the search engine optimization (SEO) strategies implemented by your webmaster may impact more than your company’s keyword rankings.

Black Hat SEO, as unethical search engine optimization practices are generally called, can have negative consequences for your company’s public image as well.”