Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Would you jack your brain into the 'Net? (WXPNews)

“Some scientists are predicting that one day, interfacing with your computer via a keyboard will be just as obsolete as throwing binary switches or punching paper tape to input data is today. And of course, networking is already all about communicating and collaborating with others.

We use the network to send email or instant messages. In the future, when we're all plugged in, will we enjoy a technology-assisted form of telepathy, where we only have to think our message to have it delivered directly to the recipient's brain?

I have to admit that, much as I generally love to be on the cutting edge of new technology, I'm more frightened than excited by the prospect. First of all, imagine the security issues that would arise with this scenario.

I feel violated enough if my computer's hard drive gets hacked; I don't think I want to deal with attackers whose viruses install a "back door" to my cerebral cortex.

And the thought of all that brain spam cluttering up my thought processes makes me shudder.”