Sunday, July 02, 2006

Think Like a Searcher (Searcher's Voice)

“I read a scary statistic the other day. Last year it seems the number of Americans going online only increased 3 percent. That wasn’t the scary statistic, though. Since the final count of Americans on the Internet still amounted to some 207,000,000 people and since the population of the whole country is 298,354,897, I figure 91,000,000 and counting just amounts to mopping up.

The scary statistic from Nielsen/NetRatings was that the number of online searches conducted had jumped 55 percent, up to 5,100,000,000 searches in the month of December last as compared to a mere 3,300,000,000 for December the year before.

That means an increase from a per-searcher average of around 16 searches a month to some 25 searches a month or from approximately one search every 2 days to close to one search a day.”