Sunday, April 16, 2006

Fiasco! AOL Censoring Critics' Mail?
(Web Pro News)

The high drama surrounding AOL's arrangement with Goodmail's CertifiedEmail service was further escalated Thursday after, one of the company's most brutal critics, announced that AOL had blocked emails containing links to MoveOn's petition site,

On Wednesday, MoveOn sent out notices to those on its email list pointing out the seeming contradictions and using them as evidence of AOL's loss of trustworthiness. But AOL members were not receiving those messages. Anyone who tried to forward the message on to AOL accounts had their messages bounced back with notice of permanent failure of delivery.

But AOL spokesman Nicholas Graham told WebProNews that the problem was the result of a technical glitch during system upgrades, and that technicians were working on the problem long before MoveOn sent them notice.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation, however, isn't buying that explanation, echoing sentiments from many who believe email blocking often occurs, but the high profile of brought the issue to light.