Tuesday, February 21, 2006

What the BBC thinks of bloggers


The general view of the media:

- weblogs are at best a nuisance and at worst dangerous.

- the rantings and ravings either of the unbalanced or the tedious.


- I regard the blogosphere as a source of criticism that must be listened to and as a source of information that can be used.

- "The BBC should proactively engage with bloggers. This is a new issue for us. Some departments look at blogs, though haphazardly. But it pays dividends. The BBC is a huge impersonal organisation. It needs to come out from under its rock," he says.

- As for using blogs as a source he says: "The key is careful attribution. It would be a big mistake for the MSM to try to match the blogs, but they can teach us lessons about openness and honesty. The MSM should concentrate on what it can do - explain, analyse and verify."