Thursday, February 09, 2006

BMW Back in Google
(Search Engine Guide)

“Less than a week after being tossed out of Google for the use of doorway pages, the German version of BMW's site has already been placed back into the index at Google. Matt Cutts talks about the re inclusion in his blog today and there's obviously been a bit of feedback from readers about the decision.

While the incident obviously shows as a good example of Google's statement that cleaning up the spam will leave room for you to get back into the index, Dave asks the obvious question of whether or not mom and pop shops are going to be given the same type of turnaround when they clean up the spam on their own sites.

There's obviously an issue here for smaller businesses that tend to find themselves working for weeks or months to try to correct problems with their sites that have gotten them removed from the index. It's easy enough for BMW to call up Google and find out what the problem is and how to get back in, but most companies don't have that type of access.”