Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Google won't talk to Congress about China

“Google Inc. has declined to appear before the Congressional Human Rights Caucus on Wednesday to answer questions about its business in China, including the company's recent decision to censor search results that the Beijing government considers subversive.”

“Microsoft Corp. and Cisco Systems, which sell equipment that can be used to block Web sites, have also declined to speak at the briefing. Another invitee, Yahoo Inc., has yet to commit, Keating said.”

A Picture Says 1000 Words About Google's Censorship In China (Search Engine Watch blog)

“Plenty are writing and writing about Google's agreement to censor results for China. But pictures perhaps better illustrate the differences that Google now endorses.

Google Images Censors Too in China from Google Blogoscoped shows you how a search for [tiananmen square] on Google Images China provides happy scenes while over at uncensored Google Images, there are tanks rolling in.”

An Open Letter to Google (Search Engine Guide)

“Miel van Opstal has an excellent Dear Google (Coolz0r - Marketing Thoughts) over at Coolzor today. The letter's pretty lengthy, but does a great job of highlighting the issues at hand over the Google/China censorship issues.

It also includes some interesting notes about changes that Google has made on their site about their stance on censorship and hand manipulation of search results.”