Thursday, November 24, 2005

A Compilation of Search Marketing Book Reviews
(Search Engine Watch)

“Looking for a book to help you sharpen your search marketing skills? Look no further—here's a compilation of reviews published in SearchDay over the past several years.

- The Buyer's Guide to Search Advertising Agencies, Marketing Sherpa
- The Buyer's Guide to Search Engine Optimization Firms, Marketing Sherpa
- Call to Action, Bryan & Jeffrey Eisenberg
- The Keyword Research Guide, Wordtracker
- Maximizing Search Engine Visibility, Shari Thurow
- Search Engine Advertising, Catherine Seda
- Search Engine Marketing, Inc., Mike Moran & Bill Hunt
- Successful Search Engine Copywriting, Heather Lloyd-Martin
- The Search Engine Marketing Kit, Dan Thies
- Winning Results with Google AdWords, Andrew Goodman”