Thursday, August 11, 2005

Yahoo Beats Google In Size Of Search Index
(Personal Tech Pipeline)

“Yahoo Inc. says its search engine indexes more than 20.8 billion items, which is nearly twice as much as online search leader Google Inc.

In its company blog, Yahoo, based in Sunnyvale, Calif., says its index includes 19.2 billion web documents, 1.6 billion images and more than 50 million audio and video files. The company typically does not disclose the size of its index.

Mountain View, Calif.-based, Google, on the other hand, indexes about 11.2 billion items, including 8.2 billion web pages and more than 2 billion images and 1 billion items from its discussion groups, according to the company's web site.”

In This Battle, Size Does Matter: Google Responds to Yahoo Index Claims (John Battelle's Searchblog)

“In any case, the lead really is this: I asked Google to go on the record with their concerns about Yahoo's index and whether they believed the news was in fact accurate, and Google agreed. The quote, which I can only attribute at this point to a "Google spokesperson," is as follows:

"Our scientists are not seeing the increase claimed in the Yahoo! index. The data we have doesn't support the 19.2 (billion page) claim and we're confused by that."