Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Google's SEO Advice For Your Website: Content (WWWCoder)

“The web pages actually at the top of Google have only one thing clearly in common: good writing. “

First Impressions Reduce Exit Clicks
(Web Pro News)

“It takes a while but eventually you see your page hits start to climb higher and higher, and this brings a big smile to your face …until you notice that you're not getting conversions, and when you check your stats you see that the average visitor stays a few seconds or less! What could be wrong? How can you sell something if visitors arrive at your store but don't really come in?

The answer to that is very likely the absence of ‘visual glue'. Now there's a term you likely haven't heard before …there's a good reason for that …I just wrote it! "Visual glue" is that which makes a visitor's eyes stick to your page. It's the visual impression that says, before even a word has been read, that they have arrived at a credible web site. It's a little thing called ‘a first impression', and that's the impression you won't have a second chance to make.”

“Just remember …people judge visually. Its not fair but there is something you can do and that is to take as much care with the ‘container' as you do with the content of your web site.”