Friday, June 24, 2005

SEO Client Expectations
(Internet Search Engine Database)

“The bottom line is that in the end, it is the client's site, and therefore it's imperative to keep the lines of communication open at all times -- especially where changes are being made to the visible content on the site. At the beginning of any project, there will generally be more client involvement necessary than later on in the game. Once things kick into high gear, the approval process should be much easier and less time-consuming.

In addition, we've found that clients appreciate it when we provide them with our info in manageable chunks, instead of a ton of stuff to approve at once. It also helps to have one point of contact and a smart Webmaster on the client's side who can quickly and easily make the recommended changes.

This info should help both SEOs and potential SEO clients understand what might be expected of them during the SEO process. Getting it out in the open before a contract is signed, and in fact, adding it to all proposals, should avoid many problems and lag time once the campaign begins.”