Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Association of Search Engine Spammers (Dear Kalena)

“Roger Wehbe from Yooter provided today's giggle. He pointed me to the Association of Search Engine Spammers, who are currently accepting applications from SEO companies using:

"...FFA links, cloakers, white on white text, shady 3 way links with unrelated sites, sneaky redirects, 1x1 images with alt tags keyword stuffed to the max, spyware, 3000 doorway pages, feeder sites, 302 redirects, sellers of fake pagerank text links, nofollow tags on all our reciprocal links, Robots.txt ban on reciprocal links, submiting sites to 1.5 million search engines that require your e-mail address in order to be listed, promotion of SEO owned domains rather than clients, run a scraper site that steals content from other sites and steals their search engine traffic and last but not least, the SEO's that can promise you #1 for any keyword."

Site owners apparently had the original intention of launching an Assocation of Search Engine Professionals (hence the domain) but after much debate came to the general conclusion that it was too hard to manage. This way, they claim: "We have thousands of members. They just don't realize that they are members."