Monday, May 09, 2005

Ask Jeeves Accused Of Pushing Spyware
(Search Engine Watch)

“Anti-spyware writer Ben Edelman pokes at Ask Jeeves in his Does Jeeves Ask for Permission? article up today. He finds that the Ask Jeeves My Way and My Search software also installed programs without permission or consent.”

Ask Jeeves Denies Spyware Charge & Other Accusations (Search Engine Watch)

“Ask Jeeves' toolbar products, including My Search and Fun Web Products, are not spyware or adware.”

“We don't allow our programs to be installed without permission or consent.”

“In [Ben Edelman's] video he highlights an advertising affiliate that installed our toolbar through an unacceptable practice known in the industry as drive-by downloads.

We don’t endorse that activity and explicitly call this out as off-limits in our contracts. We terminated the relationship when it came to our attention.”

Spyware Lurks On Most PCs (ClickZ)

“Personal computers continue to fall victim to spyware. According to Webroot's "The State of Spyware Report," 66 percent of personal computers scanned by the company's online tool were found to be infected with an average 25 spyware entities each.”

What is Spyware? (Article Blast)

“Spyware (also referred to as Adware or Malware) is software that is installed on your computer without your consent. Spyware software monitors or controls your computer use. It may be used to send you pop-up ads, redirect your computer to websites, monitor your Internet surfing, or record your keystrokes, which, in turn, could lead to identity theft.”