Thursday, May 05, 2005

Playing By Googles Rules
(Search Engine Journal)

“Below is a short list of ideas to consider when drafting your search engine optimization campaign.

- Hidden Links
- Hidden Text
- Page Cloaking
- Multiple Submissions
- Link Farms
- Selling Your Sites PageRank
- Doorways
- Same Content on Multiple Domains

Conclusion: Many of the above techniques apply to most search engines. By following a mind set that you are building your pages for your human users and not bots, you can insure you will get the most important things from your site: Qualifying links, clicks and a higher ROI. For more information also see “Googles information for webmasters.”

Banned from Google and Wondering Why?
(Search Engine Journal)

“The most common reasons for being banned are listed below in this article.

- Duplicate Content
- Cloaking
- Hidden text or hidden links
- Keyword stuffing
- Linking to bad neighborhoods
- Buying links for Search engine ranking
- Machine Generated Web sites.”

Google Penalties: Getting Them Removed
(Web Pro News)

“Jane stared at the computer screen with a mixture of disbelief and horror. Her website had disappeared from the Google listings, and her Google toolbar showed a grey line.

After thinking back for a moment, Jane remembered what might have incurred Google's wrath. Her fly by night alleged search engine optimization (SEO) expert had added violated Google's webmaster guidelines, and used her site to do it.”