Saturday, April 30, 2005">Viewing the Search Landscape

(Search Engine Watch)

“comScore Networks data, at least for the US market, has tended to portray the search wars as a fairly close contest. Banc of America Securities, in a research report dated April 22, cites comScore data giving Google a 36.3% share at the end of February, up from 34.7% in December. Yahoo is close behind at 31.1%; MSN clocks in with a respectable 16.3% share (source:,"> Google is "Undisputed Leader" in Search Queries , April 22, 2005).

NetRatings' Ken Cassar had the search market share numbers at 47% for Google, 21% for Yahoo, and 13% for MSN. Cassar had the courtesy to also mention AOL Search, at 5%, badly lagging the "all others" category (14%).

Why the disparity between comScore and the others?”