Wednesday, April 27, 2005

The Sad State of Spyware (eWeek)

"Opinion: One year after the FTC workshop on spyware, things have gotten worse."

"There's reason to be optimistic about many security problems, but others are less encouraging. One of the worst is the problem of spyware and adware, which, in the year since the FTC held a workshop on it , has metastasized badly."

"The adware industry, which showed up at the workshop, makes all manner of lame excuses for itself, blaming, among others, users for not being more savvy about these things and not reading the lengthy license agreements in which the companies often state that they will install other software when and how they please."

"They even have the temerity to attempt to silence their critics, as Ben Edelman has documented in his
"Threats Against Spyware Detectors, Removers, and Critics" page.

Some have succeeded in bullying anti-spyware companies into removing signatures."