Monday, February 21, 2005

Is New MSN Search More Precise? Just Ask Google.
(ezilon infobase)

“We visited MSN Search and decided to use one of their examples, typing in the question, "What is the mass of Jupiter?" To our shock and pleasure, there it was--an answer, right at the top and separated from the actual web results. It said, "Answer: Jupiter: mass: 318 Earth Masses."

“Unfortunately, MSN's answer to "What is the mass of the Earth?" was "Answer: World: mass: 1 Earth masses"

“Amazingly enough, Google spat out an answer right at the top of their results page as well. But Google's answer was, "mass of Jupiter = 8987 × 10 to the 27th power kilograms."

“Now, we're Internet marketing experts, not rocket scientists, but it appeared that Google actually provided the more precise answer.”