Friday, February 18, 2005

Antispyware (PC Magazine)

“The majority of PCs in America are infested with spyware, and PC Magazine continues to find most security suites inadequate to the task of disinfecting them. The explosion of dedicated antispyware apps in the past year began to address the growing problem; here we review eight of the leaders.”

Spyware Reviews - February 2005 (ADWARE REPORT)

“Here are our latest spyware reviews and spyware removal product comparisons. We recommend only reputable and effective spyware removal products … no rogues or disguised spyware installers."

Rogue/Suspect Anti-Spyware Products & Web Sites (Spyware Warrior)

"Rogue/Suspect" means that these products are of unknown, questionable, or dubious value as anti-spyware protection.

Some of the products listed on this page simply do not provide proven, reliable anti-spyware protection. Others may use unfair, deceptive, high pressure sales tactics and false positives to scare up sales from gullible, confused users. A very few of these products are either associated with known distributors of spyware/adware or have been known to install spyware/adware themselves."