Monday, February 07, 2005

Who'll win the Microsoft v Google war? Search me
(The Observer | Business | Guardian - UK)

'What is the distance between London and Lima?' inquired the Daily Telegraph. MSN came up with 61,000 links. The first few offered links to a sports betting website, a shopping directory, a cancer charity, a travel agency and Cambridge University Students' Union. Google came up with 110,000 links, the first of which provided an answer (6,320 miles).

MSN Search Engine Insanities
(Tech News and Views )

“I found a good example today. We were discussing Smartphones on the discussion board when I thought about looking out for a definition of the term ‘Smartphone’. As expected, I remembered Mr. Gates claim that Encarta is there to help me out with my questions. I put in my question: “what is a smartphone” into the new MSN Search only to receive… 7 advertisements and a few random related links but no answer to my question.

Same question typed into Google gave me a straight answer to the question! From the glossary files of the Symbian’s website. Worked fine for me… Google won despite the fact that Microsoft had Encarta with them… They won because they searched and indexed better resources. I think that matters to the users in the end. My vote at this moment… goes to Google.”