Monday, January 24, 2005

Google Raises Word Limit to 32
(Google Blogoscoped)

Google greatly advances its web search by raising the word limit to 32 words. Previously, only up to 10 words were allowed.

While some may never have wanted to cross the 10-word limit, it can be crucial to different tasks:

* When you automate search tasks using the Google API, you often find yourself hitting the 10-word limit.
* When you search for quotes from a text, you would hit the 10-word limit very fast.
* When you want to exclude a lot of words from a search because your result is not specific enough.
* Meta search engines (or an "uber" engine like FindForward) may take a user's query and add their own "tuned" words in the background. This means when the tuning uses up 6 words, and the user entered 5 words, 1 tuned word was ignored.
* When you wanted to trace all synonyms Google knows for a word.